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I.N.S.A.A.N - Inspired Noble Souls Attain ALLAH’s Nearness

Foundation of any noble soul trying to achieve ALLAH’s nearness.

The INSAAN Foundation seeks to adopt a holistic approach to spiritual well being through disseminating the words of ALLAH (SWT), the Creator and all Knowledgable, and his perfect examples for mankind by re-establihsing the true essence of human nature within a spiritual being.

The Foundation was establised in April 2011 after Shaykh’s return from his Islamic seminary studies in Damascus, Syria. Its very notion stems from the Chapter of the Holy Quran entitled “Al-Insaan” . Shaykh felt the real need to focus on re-establishing the human foundation of any noble soul trying to achieve ALLAH’s nearness.

Shaykh states “As a practising Pharmacist, I have for years been perplexed by the sheer volume of healthcare professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing advice and guidance for the preservation of the physical body. On the other hand, there is a genuine lack of professional practitioners that provide essential spiritual advice and guidance required for the nourishment and well being of the human soul.”

Thus, in an era in which the material is catered for to excess, it is through the INSAAN Foundation that Shaykh seeks to emphasise on the common denominator of humanity and has endeavoured on reconnecting the being to its noble human self through his lectures, seminars, conferences, guided Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarats and spiritual retreats that focus on the nourishment, development and preservation of the spirit.

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