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·       Head of INSAAN Foundation, that functions to provide all services to the communities including the Youth in the fully fluent languages of English for the West, Arabic for the Middle East and Urdu for the East.

·       Mentoring and life coaching of individuals and groups and communities across the globe in the Languages of English, Arabic and Urdu.

·       Utilizing a Second Masters in Islamic Education from University of Winchester (UK) for Syllabus writing, reviewing and updating programs for compliance for Madrassa’s and their working Curriculum in the UK, Europe and North America. Also conducting teacher training and teaching techniques for effective delivery of lessons and lesson planning for Ulema and Madrassa’s, particularly in the language of English geared for the English-speaking region’s Youth.

·       Lecturing at a range of different Universities for Ahlul Bayt Student Societies and Islamic Societies in the West.

·       Teaching at Hawza Seminaries across the Globe including regions as far as Indonesia.

·       Leading Hajj/Umrah/Ziyarat trips.

·       Headlining Youth Camps in England, Scotland, Wales Europe, Middle East and USA.

·       Covering all the major and minor events on the Islamic Calendar, in the form of lectures, seminars, discussions, workshops, Radio/ TV etc

·       Organising and preparing and delivering Majalis for the Holy Months, including congregational Amaal and Prayers - in the Languages of English, Arabic and Urdu.

·       Organising and Holding processions including for Ayaam of Muharram, and Fatimiyah - in the Languages of English, Arabic and Urdu.

·       Family and community counselling and dispute resolution globally in the Languages of English, Arabic and Urdu.

·       Marriage guidance and counselling, from pre-marriage seminars, to post marriage and even divorce counselling and reconciliation to final decree of divorce in the Languages of English, Arabic and Urdu.

·       Performing all the birth rights, from Aqeeqah, naming a Child to duties of Parenting from The Islamic Perspective and fulfilling the Rights of a Child.

·       Executing the Final rights of wills and testimonies and inheritance including the cascading of education and knowledge relating to the actually undertaking of final burial duties and procedures, including workshops and seminars relating to ghusl, kafan, salat al-Mayit, daffan and the after-burial acts to be performed, including Talqeen.

·       Organising relief for disaster and humanitarian needs globally, e.g. Orphans in The Middle East and Far East. Assisting the poor and destitute after natural disasters globally e.g. Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Flooding. Assisting Global Organisations in aiding families and children who are the victims of War and Genocide. Fund raising For Education institutes and Hospital buildings as well as medical advice (in the capacity of a practicing Medical Professional registered in the UK) and educational guidance. Also assisting with hands on work for fund raising for Masajid / ImamBarghas / Hussainias in the UK and across the globe.

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